CYBERCCE+ - CBSE CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) BASED REPORT GENERATION SYSTEM

CYBERCCE+, the CBSE CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) based report generation solution from Cybernation, is specifically designed for CBSE schools to maintain data pertaining to activities/class tests/general assessment and students profile.

Designed on layered technology in a brick-by-brick modular framework, CYBERCCE+ allows the school to phase their report generation depending on the planned requirements, rapidly and seamlessly.

CYBERCCE+ has been designed to be a state-of-the-art solution for various schools to remain competitive. The product is capable of real-time processing and generation of report card in different formats as per CBSE CCE guidelines.





Platform Independent

CYBERCCE+ has been tested on various operating system platform so that the application works on generally used platforms. CYBERCCE+ is compatible with windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Client Server Model

CYBERCCE+ is based on client-server technology, the application is installed on the server machine through which any connected client machine can access it.

Network Compatible

CYBERCCE+ is capable to run cross platform. It can be accessed through any system on Local Area Network.

Centralized Database

While the system is able to run on various client machines at a time, all the data related to studentsmarks is stored on the centralized database on the server.

Login Based System

CYBERCCE+ is accessed by authorized users only. Separate logins for teachers and administrators are provided for different levels of access to the users.

Backup System

CYBERCCE+ have options to take manual as well as automated backup.


Quick Information

Time saving information relating to student test

Printing Costs

Save significantlyon printing costs

Class Wise Scores

Class wise scores of subjects

Report Card

Time saving report card system

Less Effort

Reduced workload and time required by teachers

No Manual Error

No room for manual error in calculations

Students Information

Class wise listing of students

Configurable System

Easy to add/delete/update students, teachers, classes & subjects information


Excel Based Input

Most of the teachers are well versed in excel hence the input to the system is taken in the form of excel here. We have made this process easier by generating input excels with few editable cells(that actually need to be edited)

Zero Manual Error

Maintain sanity checks on the data entered. Extensive validations, rules and logics have been implemented to ensure that random/human errors do not creep in and corrupt the data.


Easy Upscaling of Grades of the students in scholastic areas on the basis of his/her performance in co-scholastic areas.

Quick Access to Data

All records are stored in system according to academic year which can be easily accessed at any point of time

Manage Absent and TC

Configurable Remarks (Regular, Absent, TC, etc.) can be displayed in report card and other reports

Conversion of Marks

Provision to set formative and summative weightages which will take care of conversions.

Easy mapping of Grades and Marks

Provision to define grades and map them to marks